Born in Murcia, Spain, and proud of that, very proud. The 50% of the time on the agency and the other 50% maybe playing videogames or complaining on Twitter, or both at same time.

Some random facts that nobody cares about: I´m photophilic, capricorn, I cook the best paella in the world and my anxiety depends on 11 guys in white from Madrid.

I love to write, how weird, and that's why I have a micro-story account.



I’m an art director living in Pinto (in Spanish means “I paint”) and I think it’s a beautiful coincidence.

I strongly believe that looking at recipes on TikTok is going to magically make me become a great chef without ever having cooked a dish. I would love to move around only with dance steps, although my star move is to make a poker face while the waiter tells me the dessert list (because I'm managing how to tell him that I want them all).

I love to draw, how weird, and that's why I have a draws account.